Dave Bullock over at Wired's Blog posted the First Ever Look Inside the DefCon Network Operations Center. Check it out! Props to everyone on staff for being amazingly organized this year and giving it 120% to have our stuff solid and ahead of schedule this year!

Oh, and it got reported on Slashdot

And we're done! Sorry we didn't get a chance to present our stuff at Closing Ceremonies. However, we're always here for you. We got our final stats & fun posted online here (PPT, 6MB) for you to review. Don't hesistate to send us questions or comments! We'll be back next year, and we have some ideas on how to get you MORE INVOLVED next year in the DefCon Network! CHEERS!

Damn, I've been slow in updates. The planning has been busy, however. Final network plans are done. Bandwidth is procurred. WiFi for EVERYONE! :)

The hotel did some big upgrades on their network infrastructure this year; we've reviewed it with them (and approve!). We've gotten some new gear which should boost stability in our core network, as well. We're trying to do very little new this year so we can focus on increased stablity and coverage.

I have been slow in doing anything for the Table of Doom capture stations. I have seen your emails and I need to get back to ya'll on that (including you, Larry! :).

For our team, the journey to Vegas starts in a week, when we begin setup. Holy crap, is it that soon? Stock up on beer, boys &'s gonna be fun!

Planning has begun! We had our first face-to-face meeting a couple weeks ago in a Very Cold Place. Many of us will be attending Layer One in Pasadena, CA, in May-- so we'll have another face-to-face there and should be thru 40-50% of our planning at that point.

DCTV will be in full effect. Derek has some ideas--which could be quite killer.

Last year we did the Table of Doom (the official network-capture opportunity). I think I'd like to re-name it. So send me suggestions as to what to call it. We'll again allow 8-10 slots for people to come setup their capture kit.

I can't believe how much bandwidth we had last year - AND YOU USED IT! It's like none of you have seen real broadband before--oh wait, most of us are from the US where the idea of broadband sucks :) Well we had lots of it last year and should have, again, plenty this year.

Questions or ideas, drop us a line: noc [-at-]

Maybe some day I'll transform this into something of a more modern website.