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DefCon presents a really unique opportunity. You know how hostile the environment is. Have you ever wondered what that traffic looks like? All you need do is ask. For years we've provided people the ability to plug in a capture/sniffer box and capture public con traffic to take back to your Evil Laboratory(tm) for analysis after con (you know, once you've sobered up & stuff). If you want in on the action, email us so we can RSVP a spot for you on our Table-of-Doom in the NOC.

Why yes, we are in the midst of planning for DC15. Now that we've "done the dance" with the hotel (who are awesome folks, btw!) we know what we can and can't do and should have virtually no surprizes this year. We're planning higher bandwidth, better monitoring, and also some new interactive-type stuff (I hesitate speaking of it for fear of jinxing it!). We're actually spending our funds boosting up our own infrastructure (beyond the Arbua kit we have) so we have more ports, better fibre connectivity, better trunking.

Remember, if you're planning anything "special", have specific needs for your talk, for your demo, for your break-out session, let us know EARLY so we can plan for it.