effffn and DEF CON would like to thank all the hard work and planning of our rockstar NOC team, they put a lot of work in so you guys can enjoy many aspects of the con.

As usual, by the time you're reading this, months of planning happened and crazy few days of execution on site have been lived to cover everything we do for the con, especially now with multiple venues. We strive to attend requests from mostly all departments of the con, from vendors, speakers, press, contests, DC TV, workshops, infobooth and so on.

mac, #sparky, CRV, c0mmiebstrd, c7five, Jon2, deadication, musa, wish and johntitor sacrificed a great portion of their DEF CON experience to making sure everything breaks the right way (so we know how to fix it ASAP). If you happen to run into any of them anytime in the future, please make sure you thank them and possibly buy them an orange whip.

The entire NOC team would like to thank the Caesar’s IT and Encore teams for the tireless support in making it all a bit easier for us.

thanks everyone once again for making this happen. Our amazing team is now working on tearing down, but you can download the slides for the DEF CON 26 NOC from here.

hey hey! yes... we are here. been here since saturday and working hard to get the internetz ready for you!
you can create your username/ password and download the cert or profile to your OS of choice at
so, get setup before you show up at Caesars (or Flamingo, or LINQ), yes, 3 properties, same amount of days.
everything seems to be on track... see you around and follow us on the twitterz for updatez. @DEFCON_NOC

Yesterday the NOC team finished-up packing all the gear and started planning for DC 26.

In the case you missed the NOC review presentation at the closing ceremony, the detailed DEF CON 25 NOC review slides can be found here.

Thanks a lot for those who helped out! See you at DC 26!

Just kidding, DEF CON is cancelled.

We are working hard to make sure everything is ready for the conference when it starts.

A bunch of things are ready though. For example, you can sign-up for the 802.1x/WPA2 WiFi at before you head to Caesars.
Detailed instructions are provided there, but the short is: create your credentials (don't use the same as in important stuff!); download and install the digital certificate (or configuration profile for Apple devices).
Setup your device to REQUIRE server validation and don't accept ANY certificates provided when you connect. Don't make security insecure.

DCTV this year is available at the con-hotel with 5 channels being broadcasted, and 4 channels being broadcasted to Paris and Ballys.

That is it for now, updates will be provided here and also on Twitter @DEFCON_NOC.

Have a great DEF CON 25, and don't forget to shower.

And here you can find the slides for the DC24 NOC review.

Thanks everyone and see y'all at DEF CON 25!

effffn and DEF CON would like to thank the hard work of the NOC team,
not only for the long demanding week in hot Las Vegas but also the
months of planning prior to the con.

There is quite a bit of preparation in every single aspect you can
imagine on how to get all the network and internet requests to all of
the vendors, speakers, press, contests, attendees and also those
convenient DC TV channels for that late morning hangover cure in the
convenience of your hotel room.

It has been said before, and we will say it again: mac, videoman,
#sparky, booger, naifx, arh@wk, nocit, CRV, c0mmiebstrd, serif and
c7five dedicated a great portion of their DEF CON experience to making
sure everything breaks (and if it does, to fix it). So, yeah If you
run into any of them, please make sure you buy them a beverage, that
would be great, mmmk.

AND, the NOC team would like to thank the Caesar’s IT and Encore for
the tireless support in making it all happen.